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Uncut Drekkubus Resin Mask Blank

$ 105.00

This mask comes pulled from the mold, trimmed around the edges and sanded. You must cut and hinge it yourself. The nose will not come removed unless you check the box.

Fits up to a 24" head with padding on the inside. This head will fit glasses.
Fits our toony 3D or non 3D eyes

Requires a hybrid hinge kit.

Toony teeth work best for this blank
Fits a 1" or 1.5" fan kit.

Please see our youtube for tutorials on how to cut and hinge this mask, as well as other videos on getting your mask finished!

Drekkubus' were created by 'Caravelle', real name Rai Archambaul, who is the person who commissioned this to be offered in our store. You can find info about the species in many places, the most active being 

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