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Non-3D Toony Eye Blanks

$ 8.00

These are not 3D eyes! These are for standard toony eyes, and these are fitted to work on our toony blanks. White only for now.


Uncut: You'll get 2 sheets of thin plastic roughly 4" x 4" where you can cut out your own eye shape and pupils.

Cut: You'll get 2 sheets of thin plastic roughly 4" x 4" that will have 1.75" diameter pupils already cut out on them, and you'll have to cut out the rest of the eye to fit your project.

Cut and Formed: You'll get 2 eyes that fit into our toony blanks (3" W x 2 5/8"T) with a 1.75" diameter pupil.

How to make them work: Basically, you can just fill in the pupils with mesh of your choice, so you can see through them. Attach eyelids, and you're ready to go! Mesh of choice: https://dreamvision-creations.myshopify.com/products/paintable-eye-mesh

How to install into our toony blanks: Cut a small slit on the inside of the eye area, slide them into place to hold, and glue around the edges! Install eyelids and you're done!

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