DreamVision Creations -- About Us

DreamVision Creations was founded in 2011 full time after the demand for parts and pieces became evident. While it has been rocky, with trial-and-error and dealing with thieves and copiers, we are still going strong and trying to offer the best products we can to the general public.

We've gone through multiple stores throughout the years, but we are hoping this will be the last switch we need to do, especially since it took us about 6 months to get this one up and running. (Bah!)  If you are a customer from a prior DvC online store, drop us a line and let us know how you like our new setup!

In 2016 we formed a corporation under the name Texan Dragon Productions, Inc. However, we kept the DvC under a DBA to keep the popular name which everyone knows and loves. There are 3 owners to the company, and we currently have several other employees to help in the shop and keep orders going out in a timely fashion. All the magic happens in our manufacturing plant in the town of Wylie, Texas, USA.

If you have an questions, concerns or comments, please send them to questions@dreamvisioncreations.com.

Thank you!