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Chiffon/Elastic Kits

$ 2.50

Chiffon is the black see-through material used for the tear duct area. This is what we use on our personal suits and it does not completely black out the eye area; when people take pictures and use flash, a lot of the time you can see your own eyes unless you close them. However, when not having bright light flashed in your face it works just fine to keep your eyes hidden, and allows really nice vision. This is not a very good choice for those people with skull masks! The eye area is so large, the chiffon ends up being much too see-through.

Elastic is used for around the back of the head. Comes with enough to make an upside-down T.
Comes with 18" of thick elastic, and 10" of thin elastic.

These do not come standard with our resin blanks. They come in complete kits but other than that they must be purchased separately.

Alternately, if you'd like to purchase your own, these materials can be found at most craft stores. :)


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