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Rubber Adjustable Heels

$ 35.00

1/2" Thick

4" Wide

They range from 4.25" up to 7.5" at the furthest notch. You can order toes and palms for the feet here: K9 Feetpads  or Feline Feetpads

These work with most of our feetpads except for thick k9 and reptile feet.

This is for a set of feetpad heels, either in a single or two color depending on  what you choose. This is for a SET, meaning if you order 1, you will get enough for 2 feet. These will not work on hands.

If you want to send in a fur or fabric sample, or even a paint sample for us to match, sure! Just send us an e-mail to arrange it. This has to be done BEFORE the order is placed!

If you choose the 2 or more color option, choose the "Comment in Box" color, and in the box type out what colors, and the pattern you want them in. It HAS to either be where pads are one color and the notches/base are another, or you have to do it like one color on the top and one color on the bottom, or you could do one heel one color, one the other, and even the base/notches a third color if you choose the 3 color option. Dapple and intricate pads are not available with rubber, since it is so liquidy.

Rubber usually cannot achieve the same coloration as silicone since it does not use the same dyes, so please keep that in mind! Meaning if you get hand and feetpads, chances are they will not be the same shade of color unless both are ordered in rubber. You can NOT get neon colors with this, because the base rubber is amber; so a lot of white has to be added to counterbalance the yellow. If you want a neon color, please order silicone pads. If you want to get as close as possible to your special color even if it isn't neon, think about ordering in silicone. It has a clear base, so an easier time of matching. 

All are made with a high quality rubber and dyes. The color is dyed all the way through, so no worries on it rubbing off. These are good for indoor and outdoor use. These are harder than silicone feetpads, so will last longer and are good for lots of wear and tear.

Simply cut out, and glue the backing down to shaved fur areas or the bottom of shoes or what-not. It's also best to tack it down in a few areas with a needle and thread, to make sure it stays put if possible. These are adjustable, meaning if you have smaller feet, you'd remove some of the notches, whereas if you have larger feet you'd just leave the notches, so they cover more of the open area on the bottom of the shoe.