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$ 20.00

This is for a very simplistic style of LED kit that we're offering for now. In the future we will expand colors/options to include other things.

AAA kits will come attached to a  3 x AAA battery pack. Please do not use duracell batteries, as we've had several complaints from customers who attempt to use these batteries. They tend to have slightly shorter batteries, so they do not make as solid of a connection and so the LEDs tend to flicker or not turn on. There is an on/off switch on the battery pack itself, and this is how you can turn the LEDs on and off. We will offer toggle switches later in the future as well.

USB kits do not come with an off/on switch like the AAA packs and hook directly into a power pack.

These will come with 25" of wire from the battery pack to the Y connection, where it then branches off to two LEDs with 6" of wire to each in the case of a double LED kit. In a single, it's just 25" of wire from the LED connection to the pack.

If you are not using duracell batteries and run into issues with your LEDs within 2 weeks of receiving them, please contact drahkarr@dreamvisioncreations.com

The color you choose will be what color your kit will be. Currently we're not offering multicolored LEDs on a single battery pack, however we will offer this in the future. 

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