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Foam Claws

These are claws that are made out of a softer expanding foam, rather than resin due to their size. As such, they cannot be painted in the traditional method like others, but can still be altered. Please refer to this guide: http://fav.me/d7kc32l it was not made by us, but the creator assured us her items are holding up wonderfully.

If you choose not to cover/paint these, be aware that if you order colored claws, they may end up with color swirling, due to the nature of the foam itself. Also, there could be porous bubbles under the layer of translucent "skin" the foam acquires during curing, so be sure you're OK with these conditions when you order!

How to attach:

Like most foam items, in order to glue these down you first need to rough up the bases, whether using large grit sandpaper, or criss-cross cuts with a blade (be sure to wear gloves!) and then using an industrial glue to attach. We recommend "Shoe Goop" for best results, being sure to glue them in a well ventilated area, and leaving them for the full cure time before messing with them again.

BULK ORDERS: For any order than consists of 100+ claws, 10% will be taken off of the price of the claws. So basically buy 90, get 10 free. Must contact us through email/notes in order to get the discount code.