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Noses are another accessory that will give your project that extra realistic look.
Silicone noses can be many colors, but if there a specific pattern or design it may be harder to get, and may not come out exactly as you'd like it. Just keep in mind that just because you show us a reference image, it may not be 100% exact. We do the best we can!

Adding a nose to your suit is very simple! Depending on the type of nose you get, there will be different ways to do it.

Silicone nose: It will come on a cloth backing; simply cut it out and glue. Don't forget to give it a light dusting of baby powder to keep it fuzz and fur free! You can also use a pair of scissors to cut the nose holes clear so that it has airflow.

Hollow plastic noses: You can attach a bracket or something similar, and sew through the fur on the nose around the bracket, using it as an anchor to keep it attached.That,or it can have small holes drilled in the base, and sewn on that way. Or you can just glue it to the nose area. Be sure to scratch up where you plan to glue it down though! On both the nose, and if it's a plastic spot, on the spot as well.

Solid plastic noses: Simply scratch up the backside of them and coat with either an industrial hot glue or E6000 and firmly attach it to the face. Remember to give it plenty of time to cure before messing with it!

Flexible/Squeaker Noses: You could glue these down with an industrial glue after scratching up the bottoms, or you can sew through the rubber for a more permanent solution.

BULK ORDERS: For any order than consists of 10+ noses , 10% will be taken off of the price of the noses. Must be purchased through email/notes in order to get the discount.