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Specialty Cut and Hinged Skeletal Crow Resin Mask Blank

Specialty Cut and Hinged Skeletal Crow Resin Mask Blank

$ 320.00

Fits up to a 23" head, and will work with glasses.
No jawset/tongue/eyes needed.

This mask comes pulled from the mold, trimmed around the edges, sanded and has rivets reinforcing the V hinge and 2 sets of extension springs.

UV Masks are bright, neon colored masks in the color of your choosing, and glow under a blacklight. The color it glows is directly related to the visible color, so you can't have a UV green mask that glows orange.

Glitter skulls are slush cast glitter layers with the last layer being a deeply dyed color to match the glitter, with a layer of black behind that for anti-glare inside the mask.

Granite skulls are lightly dyed and have granite powder mixed in, giving them a stony look. 

Shimmer mask options:

Brush In: We "paint" the shimmer into the mold and then cast behind it so the shimmer gets the most effect.The shimmer can be scratched off over time, so try to keep the mask from scraping against things too much!

Mix in: The shimmer powder is mixed into the resin so it can't be scraped off but it's slightly dulled, and there could be visible microbubbles and swirls.

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