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Shiny Solid Clear Glitter 2 Point Horn *Sold Per Horn*

$ 18.00

Size: 3" Tall

These come ready to be mounted on a head by either drilling holes in the bottom and sewing, or gluing them down directly, or any of the other commonly used methods of horn attachment. (Strong magnets, screws/bolts/etc)

These are solid cast horns, and come with glitter cast into the resin. You can choose to have the resin tinted as well.

Glitter Colors to choose from: Aqua, Black, Blue, Copper, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Dark Purple, Gold, Gold Rush, Green, Glow in the Dark, Iridescent, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Pink, Light Purple, Orange, Pink, Red, Tiger's Eye, Silver, Silver Ghost, Yellow

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