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Small Teeth

$ 2.00
Sizing: Quarter for comparison
Fangs: 1" tall
Teeth: 1.5" wide (across the front) 1/2" tall at the highest point, 1/4" tall at the square teeth

This is for a set of teeth to be used in foam heads, since normal jawsets tend to be more on the heavy side and weigh the bottom jaws down. This way you can still have durable teeth, but without the weight! Also, since there are no gums you don't have to worry about them not fitting and they can be placed however/wherever.

Full set: A full set of toony teeth comes with 2 fangs, and 6 front teeth.
Front teeth only: Comes with the row of 6 smaller teeth only.
Fangs only: Comes with 2 fangs only.

Should you order a full set you'll notice the fangs aren't attached to the smaller teeth, making them easier to position into place the way you need them to.

How to install: Simply scratch up the smooth bottom in a cross-crossing pattern or use some heavy grit sandpaper to rough it up, and then glue down!

These can be painted with any standard acrylic paints or any other paints that work on plastic. However you will have to wash them with soap and water first.

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