Silicone Glow in the Dark Reptile Handpads

Silicone Glow in the Dark Reptile Handpads
Silicone Glow in the Dark Reptile Handpads
Silicone Glow in the Dark Reptile Handpads
Silicone Glow in the Dark Reptile Handpads
Silicone Glow in the Dark Reptile Handpads

Silicone Glow in the Dark Reptile Handpads

Silicone Color
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Longest finger is 3.5 inches long x 1 inch wide
palm pad is 3 inches long x 1 inch wide
heel pads are 1.5 inches long x 1.5 inches wide
Wrist pad is 1.25 inches tall x 1 inch wide
1/4" thick

This is for a set of handpads, either in a single or multiple color depending on what you choose. 

This is for a SET, meaning if you order 1, you will get enough for 2 hands. These will not work on feet.

If you want to send in a fur or fabric sample, or even a paint sample for us to match, sure! Just send us an e-mail to arrange it. This has to be done BEFORE the order is placed!

If you choose the 2 or more color option, choose the "comment in box" color, and in the box type out what 2 colors, and the pattern you want them in. (example: Pink glow in the dark white front black glow in the dark green back, or Pink glow in the dark aqua with brown glow in the dark white dapple, green glow in the dark green with blue glow in the dark blue toes, etc)

All are made with a high quality squishy silicone and dyes. The color is dyed all the way through, so no worries on it rubbing off.

Simply cut out, and glue the backing down to shaved fur areas. It's also best to tack it down in a few areas with a needle and thread, to make sure it stays put.

Glow in the dark pawpads will glow in the dark once properly charged under a bright light. By "charged" we mean you let them sit under the bright light for an extended period of time. The best light is either direct sunlight, or a UV light.

*Glow powder will not change the color of the dyed item in the light, however the color of the dyed item might affect what color the item shows in the dark. Example: A pink item with green glow powder might actually look white in the dark, not green*

Glow times:
Green: 12+ hours
Blue: 6 Hours
Aqua: 10 Hours
Dark Blue: 3 hours
Orange: 1 Hour
Red: 1 Hour

*Facts about silicone that are good to keep in mind!*
Silicone is squishy, so these make good hands, but not good feet. The feet silicone is more firm so it holds up better for walking on.
Silicone items cannot be painted, unless you have a silicone specific paint.
Silicone cannot be glued to unless you have a silicone specific glue, so you have to leave the fabric backing on or sew it down.
Silicone tends to be grippy, so it will collect dust, dirt and fur. In order to keep this from happening, just dust it with a light layer of baby powder before you install and you should be OK.
In order to clean silicone from the debris it has picked up you can either use a piece of tape or other sticky surface (lint brush etc) to grab it all. Then apply your baby powder to keep it from happening in the future.

Do you do local pickup?

We don't, sorry.

Can I buy claws, eyes, pawpads, etc from you and then sell them on something I've made?

We don't mind you doing that, as long as proper credit is given where needed. We'd like whoever bought it to know where they can go if they need more of said item in the future, but we don't mind you ordering something from us to attach to something to sell. We even offer bulk discounts for you fursuit makers if you buy a large amount at once.

If you mailed me something and it got to me and didn't work, will you replace it?

As long as it was something that was obviously not your fault and you send the original product back to us so we can try to figure out what happened, we will replace it. If you ordered something and it was the wrong size, then that is not our fault, as you are always free to ask the dimensions of a product if it is not already listed. If you ordered something and what you got was the wrong color by a LOT (you can't always get the exact color you want), etc, we will also replace it, given you send the original product back. We do not do refunds for whatever reason; if you are unsure of the size of something, please e-mail prior to ordering to inquire. If something comes damaged we will replace it once the original product is returned. If you are missing something we will send the replacement at our own expense. If a product is damaged in transit, all of our products are sent with insurance and you are more than welcome to claim said insurance, or contact us ASAP about it. All problems must be addressed within 2 weeks of receiving the product.

Do you give discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, you can get discounts off when you order in large amounts if you contact us ahead of time with the information. We will then provide you with a coupon code to use when you place your order. Keep in mind coupon codes cannot be combined with other offers.

Products that qualify are:

10+ noses of any type
10+ tongues of any type
8+ Sets of eye blanks of any size
100+ claws of any type
6+ sets of pawpads of any type
5+ resin blanks of any type
8+ jawsets of any type
5+ sets of hooves
5+ sets of large horns ($50+)
7+ Sets of small horns ($30-$40)
4+ Resin Blank Kits
5+ Foam heads

From the date you order your items, it could take anywhere up to 5 weeks for your items to ship, due to having to go through the queue to be made. Most, if not all items are made to order, and are not laying around ready to ship. The exceptions are the items that are labeled as "Ready to Ship" or "Discounted Item." Other items which are ready to ship are items like balaclavas, branded fans, mouth calls, cups, pins, chiffon/elastic, etc. 

Most US packages are shipped priority mail through USPS or UPS (due to whichever option was chosen by the buyer at checkout), so should take no longer than 3 days to get to any state in the country. However, should the package take longer due to weather/rerouting this is beyond our control, and we can't do anything about it and apologize ahead of time. Remember you can always call USPS to get a real-time tracking update (1-800-ASK-USPS) and UPS (1-800-742-5877). In the event that a package is larger, we may opt to ship through UPS instead of USPS to keep within the amount of shipping that was paid. If we do you'll know through the tracking e-mail generated through the store.

International packages are sent through DHL and
 should take between 3-5 business days to arrive, however should they take longer due to customs depots, there's nothing we can do about that. Custom depots also open packages and go through them, and there have been several instances of products being not properly packed back up after their customs visit, and arriving broken. We do apologize for our prices, however they are not our prices, and it's all automatically calculated through the store to include the taxes/fees you would normally have to pay at the border for a seamless delivery.

Custom fees or taxes are not our responsibility, nor will we say a package is a gift just so the fee's can be waived. A copy of the order goes on the outside of every international package we mail, so they know it's a merchandise parcel. We do apologize for this, however it's beyond our control.

International packages will take anywhere from $65-$200 USD to ship, depending on the weight/size of the package. Even small packages. However in some cases where a large amount of items are purchased and the package needs to be oversized due to weight or size, we may need to e-mail for an additional fee, because the website cannot anticipate how much some shipping services are.

In regards to parts and pieces...

Keep in mind the color you choose may NOT be the color you get; we can't always get EXACT matches to hex codes. However it should be relatively close. Be aware monitor variations could cause colors to look different when viewed on different computers! If you really want your ordered item to match something, sending us a physical sample is the best way!

We do not mind if you buy pieces and parts from us to be used on costumes you do on commission, as long as proper credit is given where due.

No one is allowed to make reproductions of any of the products we offer in our store. We have never, and will never give permission for this, and eventually it does get back to us, whether we find it or someone else that recognizes our work. Please do not try to do this, as we really don't want the hassle of a bunch of legalities.

It is your responsibility to be safe while working with or using our products. Cut/Heat resistant gloves and safety classes are a must when doing any sort of cutting/dremeling/heating to bring these raw products into a finished state.

Buyer uses all costumes and costume parts at his or her own risk. Texan Dragon Productions Inc. assumes no liability for any personal or property damage caused by improper use.

If you use Duracell brand batteries, they won't work as well in our electronics as other brands. For some reason they're ever so slightly shorter, and so don't touch the points in the packs as well. 

In regards to suit parts and pieces... (5/8/24)

Age Requirement -

In order to purchase finished suit parts from us online you must be 18 or older. To prove to us you are of the proper age before any payments are made you will be required to send us a picture of you holding your legal ID which shows your date of birth on it. As with any other instance, your address/height/weight/etc can be taped over/blurred out. We just need to see your name and DOB.

Quotes and Deposits -

Once you receive your quote you will be required to pay 50% of the total cost up front. 30% of that payment is non-refundable in the event that you cancel your commission. By sending this first payment, you agree to all of these terms and conditions.

Payments -

No finished products will be shipped until they've been paid in full. If you cannot finish paying for your project by the projected finished window we will give you a time frame past that window in which to get us full payment. Should you be unable to complete payment at that time, the project will be cancelled. Payments past the 30% deposit will be refunded, and we will modify and sell the project to another buyer. (Please see the 'Quotes and Deposits' section regarding the deposit!) 

Cancellations -

We reserve the right to cancel a commission for any reason. If we feel as though we're being harassed, or the customer is being unreasonable we will cancel your commission and refund. What's started on the parts will be finished and sold to another buyer.

If a customer decides to cancel their commission for any particular reason, the 30% non-refundable deposit will be forfeit but we will refund any that has been paid past that point, and whatever is started will be finished and sold to another buyer.

If we do not receive the measurements/DTD, or proper communication through the project which results in us being pushed behind on our queue the project can be cancelled, deposit being forfeit and parts finished and sold to another buyer.

Timeframes -

Once a project is started we do not anticipate it taking very long to complete. Due to this, we request that each commissioner is punctual when it comes to communication. We do have a discord channel where we will request you join so that you can communicate with us in a timely fashion for any sort of questions that may come up throughout the project. There will be a channel made specifically for this purpose so the team can ask and respond. We ask that you be vigilant and respond to us within 24 hours of any questions asked. Our shop hours are M-Th 9 - 7:30 CST on a typical basis, so there will be no communications done overnight. We work on costumes alongside normal webstore orders and preparing for conventions. 

Measurements & Duct Tape Dummies -

For certain projects we may require certain measurements. Head measurements, hand tracings, and partial duct tape dummies may be requested to make sure we get the best fit. For arm sleeves, we may ask for an upper body bust. For feetpaws, we may ask for dummies up to your knees. These measurements and dummies will be required before we start work on your project, and if we do not receive them within 14 days of the project start date the project will be considered cancelled. (Please see the 'Cancellations' section on what happens to cancelled projects!) 

Changes and Edits -

Once a project is started, minimal changes can be done. For instance don't ask us to change the eye color once we've got them installed. Should you be truly unhappy with the way something is going please let us know immediately, not after the project has been completed. Of course we want you to be happy with your commission, but we may refuse certain things if we feel necessary. These can include but are not limited to: Intentionally damaging the item to make a change that should have been given to us originally, asking us to mimic a style we do not want to do, or are unable to do, completely changing your mind on something once fur has been purchased, etc. We do require an accurate, drawn reference image for each project in the style and colors preferred. This will help us both see what the finished project will be, and be able to make the best suggestions when it comes to design/materials/etc. If a certain fur does not exist in the color of your reference, we will try to find the closest match. If we need to order mofumofu special stretch furs or NFT they will be double the cost.

Shipping -

Currently we are open for US based orders for finished costume parts only. Too many problems trying to collect custom fees/taxes from International buyers, sorry! The cost of shipping is NOT included in the original quote due to not having a size/weight on the package. Once the project is complete and boxed up we will calculate the cost and send a new invoice for that. All packages are shipped with tracking and insurance for safety. Shipping quotes are rounded up a small amount to compensate for packing materials and time. Local pickup is available to those who live close enough.

Repairs -

If there was an error on our part and your parts arrived damaged, we will pay to have it shipped back, repair, and pay to have it mailed back to you. You have 2 months from the date you receive your item(s) to inform us of any problems and get us to take care of them. After the initial 2 months we will continue to offer repairs/replacements however there will be a fee and you will have to pay for shipping both ways. If we receive your parts and they are in horrible shape (Matted, gross, dirty, ripped from intentional wear) then we will refuse any such repairs and void our warranty. From the date of arrival to you in the mail you have 3 days to tell us about any possible shipping mishaps, beyond that and we will assume nothing happened during shipping and you have accepted it as it is. There are certain aspects of your suit that you should be responsible for such as brushing it before and after use, spot cleaning, and disinfecting/washing.  

Buyer uses all costumes and costume parts at his or her own risk. Texan Dragon Productions Inc. assumes no liability for any personal or property damage caused by improper use.

We Reserve the right to change our TOS at any time.

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