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Rubber Horseshoes for Horse Hooves

$ 15.00

Made with a durable rubber, so they're grippy like the soles of shoes. No dancing if you have these attached! These are sold in a set of 2 for the price given.

Can be glued or sewn down; we recommend sewing so they have a better chance of staying just in case you shuffle a little too much.

Hand horseshoes are good for people with tiny feet, or to be used with hand hooves.
Size: 4.75" wide, 5" tall, 1/3" thick

Small horseshoes fit our small horse hooves, and provide excellent grip as well as a cloppy sort of sound.
Size: 5.25" Wide, 5" Tall, 1/3" Thick

Large Horseshoes fit our large horse hooves
Size: 9" Wide 9" Long 1/3" thick

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