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Large Horse Complete Resin Kit

$ 315.00

This kit comes with:

Cut and Hinged Large Horse Blank hybrid hinged with 2 sets of springs
3.8cm 3D eye blanks with round or horse pupils
1 set of black 3.8cm eyelids
Pink Horse Tongue
Bone teeth pink gums horse bottom jaw
1 1" AAA Fan with 17" wire
Black small horse hooves
Black rubber small horseshoes
Black cloppers either in small, 6set, 8 set point, or 8 set round

All of the parts separately would normally be $325-$335. You save $10!

*our springs are made in stainless steel and are custom ordered as such so will never rust, nor need oiling. Positioning of the springs on a mask varies per person, since each person is typically shaped differently, and the spring needs to be positioned according to that and the specific tension they need*

Please seal the hooves with any product that works on closed cell foam to preserve the color. 'Mod Podge' and 'Flexbond' for Worbla are both clear sealers you can paint overtop, and they will help keep the color bright for a longer amount of time. 
Over time and UV exposure, the foam will eventually lose color and fade. At this time you can choose to repaint them, or cover them in a fleece/fabric material. 

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