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Glow in the Dark Skeletal Crow Uncut Mask

$ 180.00

These are bone colored masks that glow in the dark in a color of your choosing.

Glow in the dark masks glow best when charged under a black light, and they look bone in normal light.

Glow times:
Green: 12+ hours
Blue: 6 Hours
Aqua: 10 Hours
Dark Blue: 3 hours
Orange: 1 Hour
Red: 1 Hour
White: 4 Hours

This mask comes pulled from the mold, trimmed around the edges and sanded. You must hinge it yourself. 

These require a V or hybrid hinge set.

Please see our youtube for tutorials on how to cut and hinge this mask, as well as other videos on getting your mask finished!

To finish it off, you can use some speaker cloth to cover the eye ports: https://dreamvision-creations.myshopify.com/products/speaker-cloth-for-skull-blanks

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