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Glitter Shiny Toony Hooves

$ 50.00

Size: 9" across, 8" from front to back, 4.5" tall

These come in a set of 2 for the price listed.

These are actually made out of hollow foam, so that they can easily fit over whatever base is made for them, unlike our realistic hooves that are more thick and solid.

It's possible these can come with slight color swirls from the way the foam cures. It's also not unheard of for there to be some small bubbles here and there on the surface, due to the way the foam reacts to the glitter.

*glitter looks best and stands out when it differs from the dye color*

These come with the glitter color of your choosing brushed into the mold, and then in the box provide us with the color of foam you want to be backfilled. If you leave it blank, we'll simply match the color of the glitter.

These are extremely lightweight since they are hollow, and are basically a shell; so you would fill them in with foam or something to keep them from getting dented and what-not. You can also cover them with fleece or fur if you'd prefer. You'll need to scratch up the inside of the hoof where it's smooth in order to glue it down; use an industrial glue (like shoe goop or E6000) and then use weight and wait overnight for the glue to fully set.

Just keep in mind that foam -will- yellow with UV exposure over time, so lighter colors (like white or bone) could yellow over time, much like upholstery foams. So those are best covered. If you choose to get a colored version and don't want to cover them, there will be a color swirling effect due to the matte finish. It's also not unheard of for there to be some small bubbles here and there on the surface.

Foam painting tutorial

Glitter hooves come with a layer of glitter painted over the foam to make them extra shiny, hence the charge. You can't have both glitter AND shimmer. It's one or the other.

Please seal these with any product that works on closed cell foam to preserve the color. 'Mod Podge' and 'Flexbond' for Worbla are both clear sealers you can paint overtop, and they will help keep the color bright for a longer amount of time. 
Over time and UV exposure, the foam will eventually lose color and fade. At this time you can choose to repaint them, or cover them in a fleece/fabric material. 

Tutorial on how to attach these to shoes

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