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Glitter Straight Four Point Deer Antlers

$ 25.00

Sold in a set of 2, so the price you pay is for a full set. 

These are clear antlers with glitter inside; You can choose to have them lightly dyed as well.  

*glitter stands out most when it differs from the dye color*

Solid cast resin Size- 6"T x 4"W 

Replicas of real horns, these are much lighter than the real thing! However since they are made from natural horns, there can be differences in size/symmetry/details.

While these are very durable, if enough pressure is applied they can break. Heat can also cause warping.

Glitter colors to choose from: Aqua, Black, Blue, Copper, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Dark Purple, Gold, Gold Rush, Green, Glow in the Dark, Iridescent, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Pink, Light Purple, Orange, Pink, Red, Tiger's Eye, Silver, Silver Ghost, Yellow

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