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Glitter 6 Set XL Cloppers

$ 45.00

These DO make a clop sort of sound, which is why they're called what they are, and are very durable, being made out of plastic.

These caps are hollow, so you simply fill with glue and slip them over the existing fingers on your paws, so they stick and hold on. Very easy to attach.

You will receive 6 plastic fingertip hooves for this option in a color of your choosing. These will have a coating of glitter on the outside, giving them a glittery appearance. If you do not type in the box what color resin you want, we will match to the glitter.

*glitter looks best and stands out when it differs from the dye color*

It's not unheard of for there to be some small bubbles here and there on the surface, due to the way the resin reacts to the glitter. (Since we have to brush the glitter into the mold, and the glitter attracts surface bubbles)

Resin Style:

Opaque: Opaque resin, harder to color match.

Frosted: Clear resin heavily dyed to be semi-opaque, can easier color match and has a "softer" look.

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