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Foam Small Water Buffalo Horns

$ 10.00
This is for a set of 2 small solid cast water buffalo horn replicas. These are made with foam, and are not 100% matched so the shapes are different, but still work together.

Just keep in mind that foam -will- yellow with UV exposure over time, so lighter colors (like white or bone) could yellow over time, much like upholstery foams. So those are best covered. If you choose to get a colored version and don't want to cover them, there will be a color swirling effect due to the matte finish.

These can be sewn down, attached with snaps, or glued down if you scratch up the bottom of them and use an industrial glue.

Replicas of real horns, these weigh only a few ounces; much lighter than the real thing! However since they are made from natural horns, there can be differences in size/symmetry/details.

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