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*Limited* Foam Small Predator Bird Beak

$ 25.00
It's possible these can come with slight color swirls from the way the foam cures. It's also not unheard of for there to be some small bubbles here and there on the surface.

Can be colored foam, or you can cover them with fabric/fleece/fur to custom color them yourself.

Just keep in mind that foam -will- yellow with UV exposure over time, so lighter colors (like white or bone) could yellow over time, much like upholstery foams. So those are best covered or painted. Foam painting tutorial: http://fav.me/d7kc32l

This is for a solid foam beak, so you have to cut it out and hollow it yourself, which can easily be done with an exacto knife or box cutter. We've provided images of how the beak will look once it's been hollowed out; but we do not offer this service.

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