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Foam Small Feline Toes

$ 27.00
Full set: 8 toes total, enough for 2 feet.

Claw markers for small feline claws, but any can be installed.

These may require a little bit of cutting on the underside to make them fit for your specific shoe, and you can cut between the toes to spread them out some, to fit any size shoe. Also, they can be taken apart to make padded handpaws if desired.

Bottom pictures show a set of feet made with these toes, so you can see how they look furred.

These can be attached using an industrial glue with weight applied overnight, and then you can just hot glue the fur down to them once they are sufficiently adhered. You have to make sure you really scratch up the inside of the toes before you try to glue them down or you won't be able to get them to adhere to the surface.

More realistic, since they are smaller and will make smaller sized feet, or good for sockpaws.

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