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Pataflafla Horns

$ 35.00

Sold in a set of 2, so the price you pay is for a full set. Original concept belongs to Pataflafla Furdragon (DragonDrummerGirl on FA); used with permission.

Size: 9" long, with several layers of ridges and curved.

These come ready to be mounted on a head by either drilling holes in the bottom and sewing, or gluing them down directly, or any of the other commonly used methods of horn attachment. (Strong magnets, screws/bolts/etc)

Each set can very on weight since they are hand slushed, but most sets will be about the same. While these are very durable, if enough pressure is applied they can break. Heat can also cause warping.

SOLID: These are opaque horns filled with a rigid expanding foam for extra durability.

HOLLOW: Are still opaque, just do not come with the rigid foam in the center. These horns are more liable to break around the edges during transport; please keep this in mind! (Keeping them hollow does not make them lighter, since we have to make them thicker to resist breakage.)

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