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1 Inch Fan with USB Power

$ 25.00

2" Diagonally
1.5" Each side
3/4" Thick

Toggle fans come with a separate toggle switch so you have an external on/off method.

1" Fans will fit in all of our resin blanks except for snarly and fox, which only fits the 7/8" fan; the others will not.

This fan runs off a power bank, which we do not provide. It's a little thicker than the 9V fan which also is 1" across.

We do offer two kinds of powerbanks for purchase. We have a single port power bank and a dual port powerbank

For toggle switch fans, the length you choose will be doubled. So if you choose 17" wire, you'll have 17" to the toggle switch, and 17" to the USB port from the toggle switch. You can comment for a custom wire length as well.

All electronics are tested before they're mailed out, and given a small stress test. Please let us know if you receive a fan that isn't working even after using new batteries, and making sure all packs are switched to the ON. Remember for toggle switch fans you'll have to flip the switch on for the fan to work. :D

Normally for installation you would install the jawset, and then install the fan on top of the jawset behind the nose, pulling air from the nose holes and blowing it into your face. However there are some who prefer to have the fan blowing out of the nose instead; it's really personal preference! Remember fans will add some noise (they are electronic, after all!) but they do make a world of difference in how long you can wear your suit comfortably.

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