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UV Claws

All of our claws are perfectly safe to poke and prod at people (as long as you're not poking in the eye!) and are not sharp at all. They will "click" on surfaces of tables and will not break even if you try to snap them in half. VERY durable. 

These claws glow brightly under a black light with no help from LEDs. In the light they look like regular frosted or clear claws, but be aware that they can be bubbly with tiny micro bubbles, which is why you can't use them with LEDs, which would make the bubbles very visible. However in the black light, the bubbles are non-existent. We do vacuum our resin, however this resin sometimes does not get 100% bubble free like the clear claws.

Shiny UV claws come with a shiny finish and see-through, whereas matte claws come more on the opaque side.

All UV colors are the color of their dye; they are not clear so you cannot order your claw in one color, and ask for it to glow under a black light another color.


Adding claws to your hands and feet is a very simple process! For hands, simply cut a small slit at the end of each finger. Push the claw in through the inside until the base is stuck in the hole, and then use super glue to lock it in tight. For feet, cut a slit in the foam, push the base in until it is secure, and then use super glue or hot glue to keep it in there. Add fur and they're set!

BULK ORDERS: For any order than consists of 100+ claws, 10% will be taken off of the price of the claws. So basically buy 90, get 10 free. Must contact us through email/notes in order to get the discount code.