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These tongues fit into our custom made jawsets. Made out of silicone for that extra realistic/squishy effect, and can come in almost any color. UV comes at no extra charge but glitter, shimmer, glow in the dark, and granite do.

Tongues are easily installed. They come with a fabric backing, and you simply scratch up the area on the jawset where it's going to sit, glue, and press it into place. We use clamps to ensure enough pressure is applied until it's fully cured. Of course for foam heads, it's just glue and hold, after scratching up the area if you're applying directly to foam; if you've got a fabric interior to your mouth you won't have to.

There are color/pattern restrictions on tongues. Small tongues can have a max of 2 colors/stripes, whereas the larger tongues will allow for 3 stripes. Intricate patterns are not available for tongues due to the size of the molds.