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Pawpads are perfect for adding that finishing touch to any pre-existing suit or soon-to-be suit. They can come in nearly ANY color (with a sample to match), and provide excellent grip and realism to any suit. All pawpads are made with solid silicone in the chosen color, so even if they start to rub away over time there will be no color change (aside getting them dirty).

We can make sets of pads by switching out different parts. Like use a feral k9 palm pad with small anthro k9 finger pads for example. Just keep in mind that not all pawpads are the same thickness, or use the same texture, so could look different.

Adding pawpads is a very simple process! When you get your pawpads in they are on a cloth backing. Simply cut them out, and glue them down! If you are gluing them to fur don't forget to shave down the area where the pad is going to sit. Industrial hot glue should be enough to keep them attached on your hands, for feet you may want to use something a little stronger like E6000; don't forget to let it cure 24 hours before using! We ALWAYS recommend sewing them down as well, because they are so grippy, and will fall/rip right off with little use.

Also, with them being made from silicone they tend to stick to fur and fuzz. A little bit of baby powder will help keep them fuzz-free!

BULK PRICE:If you buy 6 or more sets of pads, you get 10% off of your pawpad order!