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    These blanks come UNFINISHED, meaning you have to be the one to install eyes, jawsets, fur, and whatever else. We have several videos on our youtube page that will help you get started!

    Remember, just because the resin blank says it's one thing, doesn't mean it can't be altered to look like something else! This can be done by adding a little bit of foam to certain areas, and you can change the entire look of the mask, not just for the species, but also for the expression.

    You can also turn our semi-realistic resin bases into full toony heads if you like. Just cut out the entire eye area and add your own large toony eyes, like these:

    HINGES: We do sell hinges separately should you choose to order an uncut blank. They come in either a V-hinge shape, or a straight hinge shape. Certain blanks require V hinges for them to work correctly; otherwise you will only need a straight hinge, unless your face is a little larger than normal, in which case a V-hinge is best for you. The V-hinge system is also said to have more sensitive jaw movement in comparison to the straight hinge. Keep in mind though, that some of our masks will not work with a V hinge system; please pay attention to the description of each mask, to see which hinge system works!

    Our hinge kits come with the hardware needed to install them as well, which includes screws, lock nuts and washers. We also include extension springs with our hinge kits, to help with the moving jaw.

    Type of masks: Our masks come uncut, cut, or cut and hinged. We do not set up the moving jaw; it is the customers responsibility to make their moving jaw in the best way for them. You can either use the elastic method or the spring method; whichever you find to be easiest for you.

    • Uncut masks are straight pulled from the mold and sanded around the edges so they aren't sharp, and shipped to the customer as such. The customer then has to cut and hinge it themselves.
    • Cut masks are pulled from the mold and cut out, and then sanded around all sharp edges. The customer then has to hinge it themselves. These masks are prone to warping during transit however, since there is nothing holding the edges in place!
    • Cut and hinged masks are pull from the mold and cut, sanded around all edges and then the hinges are installed. It is then sent to the customer ready to have everything installed. Springs are attached on the upper jaw, however you need to figure out the placement for where it goes on the bottom, as it tends to vary on a per person basis.

    *our springs are made in stainless steel and are custom ordered as such so will never rust, nor need oiling. Positioning of the springs on a mask varies per person, since each person is typically shaped differently, and the spring needs to be positioned according to that and the specific tension they need*

    If you're curious about how we do the padding inside our masks, please watch this video for examples

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