Skeletal K9 Blank

Skeletal K9 Blank

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    We have several videos on our youtube page that will help you get started!

    HINGES: We do sell hinges should you choose to order the pieces of this blank separately. This mask requires a V hinge, and a set of springs to work properly.

    Our hinge kits come with the hardware needed to install them as well, which includes screws, lock nuts and washers. We also include extension springs with our hinge kits, to help with the moving jaw.

    Type of masks:  We do not set up the moving jaw; it is the customers responsibility to make their moving jaw in the best way for them. You can either use the elastic method or the spring method; whichever you find to be easiest for you. The springs are 1/2 attached, and you just need to use a pair of needle-nose pliers to hook the bottom half in place where we have the hole pre-drilled. Due to everyone having a differently sized head, it's possible you might need to drill a new hole closer/further away to best suit the tension needed.

    • Upper Jaw Only Comes with only the upper half of the mask, like if you wanted to make a headdress or decoration.
    • Lower Jaw Only Comes with only the lower jaw of the mask
    • Cut and hinged masks are pull from the mold and cut, sanded around all edges and then the hinges are installed. It is then sent to the customer ready to have everything installed. Springs are attached on the upper jaw, however you need to figure out the placement for where it goes on the bottom, as it tends to vary on a per person basis.

    *our springs are made with a zinc plated wire and are custom ordered as such so will never rust, nor need oiling. Positioning of the springs on a mask varies per person, since each person is typically shaped differently, and the spring needs to be positioned according to that and the specific tension they need*

    If you're curious about how we do the padding inside our masks, please watch this video for examples


    A head with one of these masks

    Fits up to a 23" head, can be made larger if you hinge it yourself.
    No jawset/tongue/eyes needed.

    Tongues that will fit in order of best fitting to so-so fit: Fox, Velociraptor, deer, sergal point/fork, thin point dragon.
    Will not fit a fan but has excellent ventilation
    Requires a V or hybrid hinge if you choose to order the two halves and hinge it yourself.

    8 products
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