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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow local pickup?

Not often, but sometimes it can be arranged if you contact us via e-mail!

Can I buy claws, eyes, pawpads, etc from you and then sell them on something I've made?

Yes, as long as you give credit.

If you mailed me something and it doesn't work, will you replace it?

As long as it was something that was obviously not your fault and you return original product back to us so we can try to figure out what happened, we will replace it. This does not include incorrectly ordered items.

All problems must be addressed within 2 weeks of receiving the product.

Can I buy something from you and then make a mold off of it, 3D scan it to print it, or copy it to make my own sculpts/3D prints?


E-mails to Reach Us

E-mail for general questions:

E-mail for construction questions:

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If you're looking for a phone number or our social media, please scroll all the way down the page!

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who harasses/abuses us, whether in person, over the phone, through e-mail or over social media.

Our rewards program info can be found here

Bulk Discount Qualifications

You can get 10% off your entire order when you order in large amounts if you contact us ahead of time with the information. We will then provide you with a coupon code to use when you place your order. Keep in mind coupon codes cannot be combined with other offers.

10+ noses of any type
10+ tongues of any type
8+ Sets of eye blanks of any size
100+ claws of any type
6+ sets of pawpads of any type
5+ Head blanks of any type
8+ jawsets of any type
5+ sets of hooves
5+ sets of large horns ($50+)
7+ Sets of small horns ($30-$40)
4+ Resin Blank Kits

Once you have spent X amount of dollars in our store, we do offer custom discount codes to those customers. We check/update every 6 months. Milestones:

Spend 5K - 5% off all the time
Spend 10K - 10% off all the time
Spend 15K - 15% off all the time