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UV Reactive Medium Plushie Claws *Sold Per Set*

UV Reactive Medium Plushie Claws *Sold Per Set*

$ 8.00

These claws come in a set of 4 of whichever size you choose. So in order to have 20 claws, you need to order 5 sets.

Medium Measurements
3 medium claws 1.8" Long x .75" Wide
1 small claw 1" Long x .75" wide

Matte only, there is no shiny option!

Can be added to hand paws or foot paws to give that extra realistic look and can be attached with a little bit of super glue. Just cut a hole in the tip of the glove/hand paw/foam for feet paws, insert the base and then superglue around the outside of the hole. A gel superglue is best used.

Some claws may have tiny micro bubbles at the tips, however these are easily fixed with a little bit of sanding.

All resin claws can be painted with acrylic paints; you may just have to wash them off with soap and water first to get rid of any mold release residue.

These are made with a clear resin, however please be aware there may be a few microbubbles here and there. We do vacuum our resin, however sometimes there are still a few tiny bubbles due to the type of resin used. If you are wanting 100% bubble free claws, please purchase the clear claws.

These claws are best suited for people who want bright, neon colored claws or have a very specific color they want. They have a clear base, so have an easier time of matching. Also, if you want to send in a fur or fabric sample, or even a paint sample for us to match, sure! Just send us a note to arrange it. This has to be done BEFORE the order is placed!

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