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Granite Lrg Plushie Claws *sold per set*

Granite Lrg Plushie Claws *sold per set*

$ 8.00

3 large claw 2" long x .75" wide
1 small claw 1.25" Long x .75" wide

These claws come in a set of 4 of whichever size you choose. So in order to have 20 claws, you need to order 5 sets.

Can be added to hand paws or foot paws to give that extra realistic look and can be attached with a little bit of super glue. Just cut a hole in the tip of the glove/hand paw/foam for feet paws, insert the base and then superglue around the outside of the hole. A gel superglue is best used.

Matte only, there is no shiny option!
All resin claws can be painted with acrylic paints; you may just have to wash them off with soap and water first to get rid of any mold release residue.

Granite claws get a stone-like look, and you choose a color to dye them, and then a color of granite powder you want mixed in with the dye. Keep in mind that when you choose colors that differ, the dye of one may effect the color of the other (example: Yellow claw, and red granite. The claw may appear orange)

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