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Cut Toony Skull K9 Resin Mask Blank

Cut Toony Skull K9 Resin Mask Blank

$ 200.00

Fits up to a 24" head, and will work with glasses.
No jawset/tongue/eyes needed. Tongues that will fit in order of best fitting to so-so fit: Snarly, Toony k9, thin point dragon, horse.

Cut masks come cut and sanded, and you must hinge it. Subject to warping in transit around the edges. These are more easily warped in transit, due to not having any support to hold the edges in place.

These require a toony skull hinge set

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUEw8CsT1P8 Is a video that shows how we do our inside padding.

To finish it off, you can use some speaker cloth to cover the eye ports

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