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Cut Horned Dragon Resin Mask Blank

$ 125.00

Cut masks come cut and sanded, and you must hinge it. Subject to warping in transit around the edges. These are more easily warped in transit, due to not having any support to hold the edges in place.

Fits up to a 24" head with padding on the inside. This head will fit glasses.

Fits our northern sergal jawset, and our dragon jawset (the teeth are a little long, so you have to install it further up into the muzzle if you want the mouth to close all the way)

If you install a sergal jawset, it fits a point or forked sergal tongue. If you install a dragon jawset, it fits a fat or forked dragon tongue.
Will fit 3cm 3D eyes, 3.8cm 3D eyes, and 2 inch eyes. 3.8cm 3D eyes are ideal.
Fits a 1" or 1.5" fan kit.

The horn bases are 2" across and a 7.5" diameter, so any of our horns with that sort of base size or smaller will fit, larger ones will fit if you build up the base some.

Works with a V or hybrid hinge.

Please see our youtube for tutorials on how to cut and hinge this mask, as well as other videos on getting your mask finished!

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