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*Limited* Cut and Hinged Large Predator Bird Mask Blank

$ 150.00

We will continue to offer this head blank until the molds we currently have die, and then it will be discontinued.

Comes cut and hinged as well as sanded, with rivets reinforcing the hybrid hinges and has the extension springs 1/2 attached. There is a drilled hole where the spring can go, however based on your facial structure, it may have to be moved to better suit.

Please see our youtube for tutorials on how to cut and hinge this mask, as well as other videos on getting your mask finished!

Fits up to a 24" head with padding on the inside. This head will fit glasses. This mask has slight symmetry issues with the beak!

No jawset needed, however a fat dragon or thin point tongue works well.
Will fit 3cm 3D eyes, 3.8cm 3D eyes, and 2 inch eyes. This mask is designed for 2" eyes so the smaller sizes will look very small.
Fits a 1" - 1.5" fan kit. 

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