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Custom Colored Opaque 6 Set XL Cloppers

$ 50.00

These DO make a clop sort of sound, which is why they're called what they are, and are very durable, being made out of plastic.

These caps are hollow, so you simply fill with glue and slip them over the existing fingers on your paws, so they stick and hold on. Very easy to attach.

You will receive 6 plastic fingertip hooves for this option in an opaque color of your choosing.

These are for a non-basic colored hoof. If you're wanting a straight basic color (Blue, green, black, white, etc) Then you simply need to purchase the "opaque 6 set XL Cloppers", not the custom colored ones.

This listing is if you want a custom colored resin that has to be hand mixed. The reason these are more expensive is because we have to hand mix the color from several of our base dyes, and then make test batches until the color comes out close enough. 

You can NOT get neon colors with this type of resin, because the base resin is white; it will always turn out more pastel. Please understand these claws have a white base; therefore the outcome will more than likely always be a little different from the color you want it to be. Also, if you want to send in a fur or fabric sample, or even a paint sample for us to match, sure! Just send us a note to arrange it. This has to be done BEFORE the order is placed!

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