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Holiday Season Updates!

**Updated 11/23** 22 packages out tomorrow! Oldest orders are now from 10/11

Anything that is going to make it in time to go under the tree will need to be shipped in the next 4 weeks, and we just can't do any sort of rush orders in order to keep up with the current lists and people who have been waiting longer, no matter how much money you offer us. Remember we have employees that want to take time off to be with family during the holiday season, which of course is going to set us back a little since we're such a small company doing our best to keep up with the demand of products. (Remember we're still hiring if someone you know is in the east DFW area! ;D )

If you're really wanting to get someone something for Christmas and you haven't ordered yet, your best bet is getting something that's in the discounted/premade item section. Sometimes we do have something premade that isn't in there like hooves/horns that may just not be in the color you want. If you're okay with some modification, send us a message and see if we have what you're looking for!

Also don't forget we *do* offer gift cards! https://dreamvisioncreations.com/products/gift-card And sometimes those are better because then the person can just purchase whatever it is they want!.

Because of covid-19 and the delays it's caused in the workplace, this year we will not be doing a black friday/cyber monday sale like we have in the past. We do apologize for this, however we're really trying to limit how much extra we add onto the lists we currently have and when we have a sale, it really overloads us.

Instead what we're going to try to do is have a New Year's sale instead, so that it will give us a few extra weeks to get done as much as possible before adding more on. Also, we're going to try to make some more one of a kind skeletal masks like we did 4 years ago in some crazy new color/effect combinations! (I promise NOTHING, just letting you know what we've been discussing!)